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The Graphic Workshop was started by students at The Massachusetts College of Art and Design to churn out protest posters during the 1970 national student strike that flared up after six students were killed at Kent State and Jackson State while protesting the government’s invasion of Cambodia.

Described as a “visual propaganda unit” that was subsidized by “blood, sweat, and friendship,” the collaborative was a round-the-clock silkscreen production center under the direction of MassArt faculty member Rob Moore. 

The Graphic Workshop eventually evolved, adapting itself through two decades of wily not-for-profit operation whose hallmarks were idealism, elegance, and wit.

They produced hundreds of silkscreen posters between 1970 and 1992, presenting progressive ideas and illustrating the evils that still ignite rebellion to this day:  war, racism, and environmental destruction.

Founder Bios

Rob MooreRob Moore
Rob taught at Massachusetts College of Art and Design for 26 years and made an indelible impression on those who studied with him. Read more.

Rob MooreFelice Regan
Felice has had a long love affair with art and nature, which began in 1970 when she started producing photographic silk screen images of animals at the Franklin Park Zoo. Read more.

Rob MooreChris Mesarch
Chris was one the original founders of The Graphic Workshop while still a senior at MassArt. She worked there for 9 years, leaving to pursue painting. Read more.

Rob MooreDeborah Jones
Deborah received her BFA from MassArt in 1973. During this time she also was a founding member of the The Graphic Workshop in Boston.Read more.



Felice Regan
Chris patiently waits by the silkscreen press
Felice Regan
Felice meticulously touches up the screen for printing



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